May 23, 2024

Factors To Consider Before Buying Exterior Doors

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Exterior Doors

There are so many factors to consider about exterior doors besides appearance. The exterior door is not only a part of the building but also the part that welcomes you and everyone who wants to get into your home.

Before you make the final decision on what door you are going to buy and take home with you, there are various factors you need to consider. Here are some considerations you need to consider when buying exterior doors Toronto for your home.

How The Exterior Doors Perform

The major purpose of having an exterior door is closing and opening when required without any challenges, such as using a lot of energy. If your exterior doors jam or stick in the process of closing or opening, that is a sign that your exterior doors have poor performance, and you should seek professional help as soon as possible.

Another aspect of the performance of your exterior door is that it should conveniently block water that attempts to get inside your home. An exterior door that is performing effectively should also not allow air from the outside to leak into the inside or the inside to escape to the outside.

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If the air outside is finding its way into your home, you should check your door’s weather stripping to confirm that it is functioning effectively. 

If you find out that the weather stripping of your exterior doors is not functioning effectively, you should seek professional help for the necessary maintenance. On the other hand, if you inspect the weather stripping and find out that’s it not the cause of the air leakage, you should go ahead and inspect other possible causes of the same problem in the house.

A drafty exterior door is a sign of poor performance, and you need to replace the exterior doors for a permanent solution. To inspect if your door is drafty, you should run your hand through the door edges to feel the presence of drafts.

 Another way to check if your exterior doors are drafty is by lighting a candle near the exterior door and checking if the flame shows flickering. It is important to note that drafty and leaking doors will cost you more energy bills, so you should replace your exterior doors immediately you notice signs of air leakage or draft.

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Nobody loves to have exterior doors that have a short life span. The door’s life span is determined by the material it is made of. 

Fiberglass is considered the most durable when used on doors because of the compounds used in the material. On the other hand, wooden doors are considerably less durable because they expand or contract when subjected to harsh weather conditions such as too much sun or cold. Expansion and contraction make the door shape deformed, which may make closing and opening your exterior doors difficult, and the doors will look less attractive if they are in bad shape.

For this reason, you should consider a more durable material as a permanent solution to avoid having to buy new replacement exterior doors often.

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Suppose your budget does not allow you to go for the fiberglass door material, which is considerably expensive. In that case, you can have the option of a steel door which is more durable than the wooden material.

The Security

A home is supposed to be someone’s safe place, and since the exterior doors are the entryways into your home, they need to guarantee the security of your home. Other than exterior doors letting you into your home, they are supposed to keep the bad people away.

The security of your doors is enhanced by factors such as the type of locks used. When buying new replacement doors, you should consider the modern ones manufactured in the latest technology and involve security features such as automatic security locks.

Other security features you should consider in the security of your exterior doors are security sensors and installing door frames. These features will give you confidence in your safety and your belongings.

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