April 10, 2024

How to Sell Bitcoin (BTC) in 2022 – Guide

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how to sell bitcoin

We need not say at all this time that the bitcoin world is ruling the whole world today. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency currency and this BTC is synonymous with the entire blockchain industry. If you try to learn from anyone about cryptocurrencies, the first word that will pop up is bitcoin. Bitalpha AI is one of the best platforms to start bitcoin trading. We all know that the cryptocurrency market is uncertain, however, the crypto market is moving upwards. Let us go through this article to know how to sell BTC through Peer-to-peer exchange. 


BitQuick is a P2P platform that claims that you can buy or sell BTC in three hours. To sell bitcoins through this platform, the user needs to fill out a sale form and then submit an amount. Thereafter, cash deposits are received by that buyer on BitQuick. Users who wish to buy BTC can select the appropriate order from the order book and they are then submitted. The user will go to their actual bank, after which the cash will be credited to the respective account of the bitcoin seller. Thereafter, the buyer has to take a picture of that receipt so that they can show it to him as proof that they have deposited the deposit.

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The service offers traders or investors to sell BTC quickly utilizing a P2P way, as you make a trade straightforward with someone else. In the period of computerized trading, one might feel that such a payment strategy sounds odd. Users from one side of the world to the other spot ads for BTC, indicating the exchange rate they will trade bitcoins. traders can meet each other in a safe spot to purchase BTC with cash. LocalBitcoins upholds different payment techniques like Western Union, Paypal, and other manners and gives escrow to safe traders’ assets.


Paxful is another P2P market that associates Bitcoin purchasers and vendors together. The stage offers every minute of everyday traders service and over 200+ payment methods such as bank transfer, cash in person, PayPal, and so on. which are helpful for new traders specifically. Paxful permits you to immediately trade BTC employing the website or in a hurry through its smartphone app. The stage has its Paxful portable wallet that empowers the secure capacity of funds.

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Sell Bitcoin in ATMs 

There are two sorts of Bitcoin (BTC) machines that permit investors and traders to sell or purchase bitcoin. Would you like to get your jump debit or credit card, or would you rather sell BTC or whatever bitcoin. Both these machines are connected to the internet and have ATMs. One of the main advantages of BTC ATMs is selling BTC and cashing it out instantly. Some BTC ATMs interface you straight to a crypto exchange. If you are fully prepared for this, some ATMs require you to provide your name, ID or mobile number for your identification. pay attention, to interact with any transaction some BTC ATMs expect you to have an account on a crypto exchange.

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Sell BTC via Crypto Exchanges


Kraken was first established in the year 2011, Talking about Kraken Exchange, it is considered to be one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the crypto market. The platform offers trading tools and many more features to make trading more secure. The exchange offers five fiat currencies such as USD, CAD, EUR, JPY and GBP. The process of selling bitcoins is seen in Kraken similar to other exchanges.


Above we have told you about many different ways to sell BTC. Today bitcoin or other cryptocurrency currencies can be easily bought or sold with PayPal, ATMs, and other common payment options. If you are new to crypto or an experienced trader, you can buy or sell BTC using any of the methods described in this article.

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