April 15, 2024

In 2023, which are the best Move-to-Earn Cryptos?

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Move-to-earn is one of the hottest trends in cryptocurrency right now. This new concept rewards people for being active – a great way to improve your physical health and make money at the same time. By combining movement with earning, it’s no wonder that move-to-earn has become so popular. In this article, we’ll explore what move-to-earn entails and which is the best move to earn cryptos. If you are looking for investments, here are the best exchanges for bitcoin exclusively.

What is Move to Earn?

These days, it’s possible to be rewarded with cryptocurrency while also taking care of your physical health. Move-to-earn apps leverage technology such as smartphones to track your physical activity, awarding you crypto tokens in return for progress made. As the trend is becoming increasingly popular, more and more “walk to earn crypto” projects appear regularly.

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Best Move to Earn Cryptos


Would you enjoy Pokemon Go? In case so, Genopets is most likely to catch your interest. This move-to-earn NFT game is the first one that doesn’t require any monetary investment and gives rewards based on how many tasks you complete each day. As your digital pet grows stronger with every step taken, there’s also an opportunity for customization – allowing you to customize it exactly as desired. Accumulate XP daily by simply taking those steps; Genopet promises an exciting twist on virtual gaming opportunities.


Dotmoovs is a move-to-earn game that introduces an innovative twist to the concept of earning rewards. Rather than receiving incentives based on daily steps, you are rewarded with MOOV tokens when you complete different workouts and challenges. Using Augmented Reality technology, users can even perform these activities in real-world places. Furthermore, the “Moov points” earned through completing tasks can be exchanged for exclusive items or avatar upgrades within the app itself.

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The step is a game that rewards you with cryptocurrency for being physically active. Unlike most crypto-based apps, Step pays out its users in BNB tokens instead of its native token – providing more stability and assurance against market volatility. With the rewards paid directly in BNB, players won’t have to worry about sudden price drops or other uncertain changes affecting their earnings.


Sweatcoin, a mobile phone app which perks up owners for remaining active as well as healthy, is a distinctive idea. Sweatcoin doesn’t pay out a cryptocurrency–users are rewarded with their points system. There’s no need to invest any money upfront either; all you have to do is get moving! This new digital currency can be used to purchase items online at discounted prices or donated directly to charities dedicated to making the world a better place.


Have you been searching for ways to earn money when you’re exercising to attain your fitness goals? Download the WIRTUAL app and create an account, then you can start taking advantage of rewards when you complete various challenges. This could include anything from working out to dancing or swimming—and there are even free options along with those that require payment at first. Depending on how many WIRTUAL coins you earn through participating in these challenges, you’ll move up into different tiers of earning potential demonstrated by the platform’s native governing token.

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DEFIT is revolutionizing the way we view physical training and exercise by incentivising users with rewards. This game lets you sync up your products to gain DEFIT tokens while you carry out different activities. Not only does DEFIT offer a reward system but it’s also encouraging users to connect socially and be inspired from one another. This imaginative Web3 project aspires to build the largest digital fitness marketplace connected on its blockchain platform; an innovative idea that presents new opportunities for many workout enthusiasts around the world.

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