June 14, 2024

The Power of JD Edwards: Understanding their Innovative Software

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JD Edwards has been a powerhouse company in the business realm for a long time now. Their innovative EnterpriseOne software, in particular, has helped to run businesses with successful, focused programming. Even staff members with limited tech know-how love JD Edwards products and software, thanks to the easy-to-learn UI and support staff the company is known for churning out. If you want to understand the innovative software the company puts out, here’s a quick guide to the power of JD Edwards: 

What is the JD Edwards ERP System

The JD Edwards software line has been boosting businesses for decades now and shows no signs of stopping. Their ERP software is particularly popular and provides operational foundations for all types of businesses around the world. Oracle ERP software that is integrated with other key systems is called JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Organizations using JDE to manage their business operations can select the database and deployment choices they want. JD Edwards can be set up locally or in the cloud (private, public, or hybrid cloud). JD Edwards offers strong industry features, end-user reporting, and more than 80 different ERP application modules. Understanding the system can take a while, but is worth the money and effort you’ll be investing into the endeavor. 

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What is JD Edwards Software Used for?

So what industries actually use JD Edwards products in the first place? JD Edwards ERP software has been used globally in a variety of industries because of its modular architecture. Businesses are using Oracle’s JD Edwards in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, software development, construction, staffing and recruiting, healthcare, food production, IT services, and government services. The continually growing list of companies that use JD Edwards software is hard to overstate. Even smaller businesses, which have been less inclined to use this powerhouse software, are beginning to see advantages to taking the leap. The highly accessible pricing options available with the various JD Edwards software packages have made this that much easier for businesses of all sizes and styles. Companies like GSI, Inc. can help you install and navigate the software without a hitch as well. 

2 All-Star JD Edwards Software Titles

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

The most popular software offered by the company, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne delivers a robust, completely integrated ERP software package with numerous database options and deployment options, including on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne combines business value, standards-based technology, and deep industry capability into a solution that will transform your business. It has over 80 application modules, end-user reporting, and customization features. To speed up corporate operations and offer a full enterprise mobile solution, from deploying to designing and extending mobile applications, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne makes use of Oracle’s Mobile Platform.

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JD Edwards Orchestrator 

While not as popular as JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Orchestrator is absolutely fantastic and works as a sort of supercharger to EnterpiseOne in many ways. One of the most important parts of your JD Edwards digital platform is the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator. It can change the EnterpriseOne system from a transaction-based system of records into a dynamic representation of your real-time business processes. Similar to EnterpiseOne, Orchestrator is packed with constantly evolving add-ons and features that make it that much more valuable over time. If you’ve wanted to orchestrate and organize your company’s data and activities like a pro, this software can help you achieve your goals in 2023. 

Unlock the Power of an ERP System

As you might expect, an ERP system is a very complicated piece of software, and JD Edwards is no exception. Installing, configuring, and populating the master data (such as customers, vendors, and materials), testing it, and training the users all take a significant amount of time and resources. Also, almost every organization has at least one peculiar business procedure that it cannot function without. With this in mind, adopting these procedures will probably need some customization of the ERP software, which can increase the complexity and effort of the implementation.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Unless you already have a team of JD Edwards specialists on staff, even the most basic version of the software on the market is not something you should attempt on your own. Thankfully, there are many affordable and highly valuable expert management and consultant services out there for you to take advantage of. These services can help you manage your software, ensure it’s always running properly, ensure that it’s always updated, and more. They can even help train your staff in the programs, and do the more difficult troubleshooting for in-house staff so they can spend their valuable work hours doing more productive tasks.

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