June 14, 2024

Best Industries To Start Your Business

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how to start a business

When you want to start a new business, you need to think about the possible industries in your startup that might have the best opportunity to compete.

If you’re restless and have ambitions for a new business, you might find it easier to start one in a marketplace that’s growing due to changing trends. 

The trends can be due to socio-economic or legal changes, large demographic driving changes, or industry changes. 

It does not matter what the reason is. These trends will open up opportunities in particular industries for resourceful entrepreneurs. 

Here is a list of the best industries that show the most promise for startups in 2022. With the right combination of creativity, passion, and determination, your business will be profitable immediately.

Liquor, Wine, and Beer Stores

It may not be healthy. However, it’s one of the best industries to start your business. According to research, more and more Americans drink alcoholic beverages due to stress. 

In the previous years, around 1 in 6 Americans reported heavy drinking. This is defined as drinking 2 or more days a week in which you drink more than 4 drinks. 

It’s no surprise why this industry is growing.

The Freight Trucking Industry

If you’re working as a truck driver, now might be the time to move to the role of operator or owner. Though the industry is not quite back to where it was before the pandemic, it is thriving.

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Remember that this industry includes everything, from local moving companies to long-distance freight truckers. 

Your options are varied. However, it appears like all variations have found success in the industry. Companies have to move manufactured products, raw materials, PTFE seal, and distribute their goods. 

The pandemic and rise in remote work have led people to rethink where they live. Because of this, there’s a huge increase in people moving during 2021. It’s expected to grow more in 2022. 

Of course, this has been good for local freight trucking companies. 


Marketing has been around for many years and it will only keep on thriving. 

Will it be data analytic marketing, AI-based marketing, or new auto-driving tools, or will we come back to simpler local-based marketing? Unfortunately, nobody can answer this. 

However, the money you’ll get in this industry is staggering. According to reports, 2020 dollars for just advertising was more than $240 billion. 

As much as this industry keeps on aging and evolving, there always seems to be room for growth and improvement. 


According to reports, the sale and legalization of cannabis are rapidly advancing not only in the United States but also around the world. 

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Global cannabis sales are anticipated to increase from $13.4 billion in 2020 to $33.6 billion by 2025. 

This growth opportunity has spawned a long list of IPOs, startups, and also a wave of cannabis-related acquisitions and mergers that involves companies in retailing, real estate, distribution, and production.

Though there will be challenges, the huge success projections guarantee an entirely new generation of startups will enter this industry. 

Eco-Friendly Services and Products

As concerns about sustainability and global warming become very prevalent, a more eco-friendly population is coming into the consumer buying market. 

Eco-friendly products have gained popularity in this landscape. It offers quality goods that have little-to-no impact on the environment. 

One of the greatest barriers in this industry is the existence of an action-intention gap. According to a study, 60% said they want to purchase products from eco-friendly brands. 

However, only around 25% of them actually do it. Closing this gap can be the key to unlocking the potential of this industry. 

Perhaps you can start an eco-friendly luxury plastic perfume box manufacturing business.

Medical and Health

Healthcare in the United States has reached a turning point. Nowadays, traditional facilities and services are facing extinction due to the rising preference for data-driven, personalized, and convenient health. 

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The over 65 population is also set to double by 2030 due to the aging of boomers. This results in a record-breaking demand for elderly care. 

The existing gaps in the healthcare industry, including high insurance costs, leave huge opportunities for startup success.

Moving away from the traditional methods and specializing in elderly care, personalized health, surgical disposable products manufacturer, or biotechnology will align you with the current needs of the population.


It’s not a secret that technology has grown in popularity. It has established itself as the spine of companies like JP Morgan, Samsung, and Apple.

With technology, businesses have immediate access to customer information. They can perform meaningful research that keeps them a step ahead of the competition.


Whenever you consider the recent developments made in the transportation industry, it becomes clear that this industry is looking for growth and new talent. 

Every product, company, and person rely on transportation every single day. This results in a powerful demand. 

As transportation becomes more intertwined with technology, there is a shift away from traditional services and towards startups with new ideas. 


It does not matter what kind of business you’re interested in starting, this year is an excellent year to start. 

When you’re wondering what industry you should start a business in, consider the options above.

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