April 10, 2024

Enterprise Web Development Trends in 2022

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The digital world is evolving at dizzying speed, making it hard for companies to remain viable without professional web development assistance. Businesses must be informed of current web development trends in order to compete in their respective industries.

According to a report, global corporate software expenditure would top $599 billion in 2021. This is a 13.2 percent increase over 2020. In recent years, enterprise software, like most other IT services firms, has seen tremendous development. As a consequence, selecting the right corporate web development technology trend is crucial for accomplishing long-term goals.

The epidemic has halted, giving companies across the globe a chance to reconsider their software and online development strategies. The top five trends that will have an influence on worldwide enterprise web development in 2022 are listed below.


The introduction of the Jamstack is one of the most recent web development developments. Jamstack (formerly JAMStack) is a collection of Javascript, Markup, and APIs. In recent years, corporate adoption of Jamstack has exploded, with big firms like Mozilla and Nike joining the list. Being serverless implies delegating as much work to the client as possible, reducing latency and server load at the same time. This improves application speed while eliminating discrepancies.

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Progressive Web Apps

Because of its native app-like user engagement, progressive web applications have been available for a long time. PWAs may be seen in any browser and function on any device. These web applications are likewise small and fast, providing quick access to online sites. Progressive Web Apps are built using JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Polymer, and Vue. According to estimates from 2021, 9% of e-commerce firms invested in PWAs, and almost 8% of e-commerce enterprises have already made the switch.

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Generators of Static Websites

Static Site Generators (SSG) are becoming more used in online application development. Rather of dynamically generating a page’s display as it is requested,

Static site generators, like most conventional programs, precompile a static version of each page. The shorter stack necessary to serve these static sites reduces resource requirements and reduces the amount of dynamic code that might be vulnerable to attacks, resulting in significant performance and security improvements. The page may be provided to the user quicker since it has already been created. Gridsome, Eleventy (11ty), and Next are three prominent SSG frameworks.

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Legacy Apps Modernization

Many businesses still rely on legacy applications that are built on old or unmaintained technology. Whether purposefully or accidentally, it has already cost businesses more than they know. Using outdated technology in the real world might have serious consequences.

It is not necessary to totally rewrite an old web app using new technologies to modernize it. In many cases, existing programs may be optimized while still running on old code. The new SPA (Single-page applications) code, for example, might be directly integrated into the same HTML text as the old one. With dedicated work, the application’s functionality may be iterated and developed.

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Technology for Voice Search

The notion of voice search has sparked a lot of interest in the IT industry. Voice searches show the importance of human engagement via technology. It is intended to be more exact and faster than text searches. Online Speech API contains speech synthesis and recognition components that may be used to integrate voice search technology into any web application.

Look about you and you’ll see gadgets like Google, Amazon, and Apple’s voice-activated speakers in use in homes and offices. According to research, there has been a considerable surge in the deployment of voice search technology for contactless encounters since the pandemic, with 91 percent of firms already investing in it.

The aforementioned enterprise-centric web development trends are gaining pace, and their impact is expected to transform how firms compete in their respective markets. To learn more about these web development technology advancements, contact Fireart, a leading web development services firm with a worldwide presence.

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