June 15, 2024

Excluding Your Own Paper from Turnitin A Guide for Students

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how to exclude own paper in turnitin


Turnitin is a widely used plagiarism detection tool that helps educators identify similarities between students’ work and existing sources. However, there may be instances when you need to exclude your own paper from the Turnitin database. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to ensure your work is not flagged as plagiarism when submitting it through Turnitin.

Understanding Turnitin 

Before we delve into the process of excluding your paper, it’s crucial to understand how Turnitin operates. When you submit your work to Turnitin, it compares it against a vast database of published works, academic papers, and other submissions. It generates an originality report that highlights any matches found between your work and existing sources. While this is an effective method for detecting plagiarism, it may mistakenly identify your own previously submitted work as plagiarized.

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Communication with Your Instructor

 The first step in excluding your own paper is to communicate with your instructor. Explain the situation and provide evidence that the work you’re submitting is your own. This evidence could include drafts, email conversations, or other relevant documentation. Discuss your concerns and seek your instructor’s guidance on how to proceed.

Determine Institutional Policy  

Different educational institutions may have varying policies regarding excluding one’s own paper from Turnitin. Some institutions may allow students to exclude their work if they provide sufficient evidence, while others may have specific procedures in place. Research your institution’s policy or consult with the relevant department or academic integrity office to understand the guidelines and requirements.

Utilize the “Self-Plagiarism” Feature 

Turnitin offers a feature called “self-plagiarism” that allows you to exclude your own work from detection. This feature is specifically designed to address the issue of students submitting their own previously written work. When submitting your paper, look for the “self-plagiarism” option or a similar feature. Follow the instructions provided, which may involve uploading a declaration or completing a form indicating that the work is your own. This will help ensure that your paper is not flagged as plagiarized when it is processed through Turnitin.

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Provide Additional Documentation 

In some cases, utilizing the “self-plagiarism” feature may not be available or sufficient. In such instances, it is crucial to provide additional documentation to support your claim of authorship. This documentation could include previous drafts, timestamps of your work, or correspondence with your instructor. By presenting a clear paper trail of the development and ownership of your work, you can demonstrate that any similarities detected by Turnitin are a result of your own previous submissions.

Seek Technical Support 

If you encounter any technical difficulties or require further assistance while trying to exclude your own paper from Turnitin, reach out to the technical support team at your institution. They are experienced in handling such situations and can provide guidance on navigating the system or resolving any issues you may face.


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What should I exclude from Turnitin?

Content exclusions can include removing any matches to the bibliography or any places within a document where the author has used quotes. Changing your settings will only change the setting for future uploads. If required, previously uploaded documents will need to be individually adjusted.

Is 7% Turnitin bad?

ANS: Saying this, having too high a similarity score, while not meaning a student has plagiarised, may mean a student is relying too much on direct quotes or secondary sources. As a guide, somewhere between 15-20% might be considered a good score to aim for.


 Excluding your own paper from Turnitin requires effective communication with your instructor, understanding institutional policies, and utilizing the available features and documentation. By following these steps, you can ensure that your work is not flagged as plagiarized when it is processed through Turnitin. Remember to be proactive, seek guidance when needed, and maintain a transparent approach to ensure the integrity of your academic submissions.

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