July 11, 2024

The Most Popular Games In 2022

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Popular Games

The game industry is constantly changing, offering players more and more different content. The variability of game genres allows each gamer to find a game to their liking. Of course, there are exceptions to the requirements of the games themselves and not all projects will start in maximum settings, but the ability to choose a genre is already a good feature for the current years.

What genres are there:

  • Sports
  • MMO
  • RPG
  • Simulators
  • Royal battle
  • Shooters

Sport games

Sports games give players the opportunity to test themselves as a coach, or a player in their favorite sport.

Football players will earn FIFA 23 Coins and win the Champions League, lovers of basketball and tennis to win their cups, and fans of racing will be able to win in the races Protecting the colors of their favorite team.

Sports games open access to the multiplayer and the opportunity to compete with friends for the title of the best player, which adds such games of popularity.


The peak of the popularity of MMO was several years ago, but still, due to regular updates and constant launches of large projects, this genre will continue to be very popular.

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The main advantages of MMO are a huge social component and living economy, which makes the players unite groups, go into raids, create clans and guilds, trade with each other, compete, and fight.

The most popular projects are World of Warcraft, Blade And Soul Lineage 2, Black Dessert.


RPG is a genre that implies a character in the character. There are online projects and offline. One of the most striking representatives for understanding the essence of the genre is Enter Skrols, Skyrim and the Witcher 3.

You create a character, choose the appearance, race and class, and then adventures begin.

There is a main plot and secondary tasks, but it is you who decide what you will do in the game and whether you will fulfill them at all.

In the games of such a genre, there is a system of levels and the development of skills that make the character stronger.


Simulators adored by players from around the world should be divided into genres – the most striking and well -known simulators of control of various equipment and military simulators.

  1.  Simulators of equipment management – buses, trucks, trains, aircraft, farm equipment.

Almost every profession is devoted to a separate simulator so that the player can feel what it is and realize the importance of each professional worker.

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For each game, there are devices capable of adding realism when playing – steering wheel and pedals, aircraft and others.

  1.  Military simulators are a special genre for connoisseurs of realism in the conduct of hostilities. In such games there is no dynamics of the level of popular shooters, and one bullet can solve the fate of the whole passage, but it is precisely such realism that the player’s feeling that professional military experiences when performing combat missions, risking life, can bring closer to the senses.

The most striking projects are Arma 3, the operation flashpoint.

Royal Battle

The royal battle is a realistic shooter with the effects of survival and game “Tsar Mountain”, a hundred players are dumped on a game card at different points with one knife. All around are enemies. The task of the players, destroy opponents and survive. The zone will constantly narrow, forcing gamers to move to the center of the map and reduce the number of living. The last surviving player wins.

The most striking projects are PUBG, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone


Competitive shooters

Genres where players can compete with each other and teams are especially popular in the game industry. By adding a competitive mode and e-sports component to the game to the genre, you can get a long, popular project.

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So they made valve, developing their CS GO in a long -term, successful project that perfectly extended the glory of the CS 1.6.

Many years later, the Valorant was also involved in the race, luring some of the players and conducting its tournaments. What will come of it – we will see a few years later.

Single-player Shooter

Single shooters can be devoted to a separate article. Of the most popular – a series of games, Call of Duty – where the player performs in various roles in a different period of time. And the paratrooper of the time of landing in Normandy, and a soldier of the Soviet army in the assault on Berlin at the end of the war. Special forces in the local conflicts of our time.

The Medal of Honor and the Battlefield  are not inferior in terms of special effects and a variable storyline. These three games can rightly be called the best in its genre, and each part of the series deserves special attention.

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