June 14, 2024

Why is there a Need to incorporate Digital Transformation?

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been able to bring a positive impact in every industry. It has been able to benefit every industry in terms of reduced cost of production. Additionally it has been able to enhance the profit and productivity of every type of industry.  Let’s check out about why digital transformation is trending?

Principles of business

The most important formula for enhancing the profit margin is either the decrease in the cost of production or the increase in the price of the product. But when the price of a commodity is enhanced then automatically the demand of the product decreases. 

But the cost of the production should be reduced in order to keep the demand intact. This is an effective method to increase the profitability which has become possible only because of the digital transformation. This article will make an attempt to provide every kind of advantage that a person can achieve with the help of this process. The same has been explained below in the following way. 

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Helps to build profitability

Digital transformation has been able to bring a huge amount of profitability to every industry. It has been able to reduce the operating and the capital expenditures of an industry. For example in the initial days if a person used to sell grocery items then he needed a proper shop. He had to buy another amount of equipment and also pay the monthly rent for the shop. 

But with the help of digital transformation, it has been able to bring a huge amount of profitability. It is because A shopkeeper is not required to own a shop because he can sell the goods online. This is even true for the companies which now operate on a work from home model due to the virtual private network integration. It has been playing an important role to enhance productivity instead of expenses. 

Helps to increase the customer base

It is important to mention that the customer base can be increased not by investing a huge amount of money in advertising agencies. The technology in a given company has been infused to such a great extent that the customer base is all open to target. It is important to mention that without incorporating any type of additional expenditures, marketing has become very easy. 

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With the help of social media marketing, personalization mall coupons and the incorporation of Technology, the entire world has become open. All the limitations which existed in the form of national and international barriers have now been removed. It has been able to generate a positive result because a person in India can sell the goods to a person in the United States of America and vice-versa. It is all possible because of Technology only. 

Helps to enhance the customer satisfaction

It is important to mention that the customer satisfaction can be increased over the period of time. Customer satisfaction can be enhanced with the help of quality of service and the goods. Technology infusion in the industries has been able to enhance the satisfaction to a great extent. It has been able to make a positive impact in the entire industry. 

Due to the development of important techniques to solve the customer this has become possible. The most important benefit which can be obtained by the customer is in the form of the sustainable cost of the product. When a customer is able to get Quality Services at the same price, then automatically the satisfaction level increases. This is able to generate a quality of output in the long run. 

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Helps to increase employee productivity as well. 

It is important to mention that employee productivity can be increased to a great extent. Technology is able to improve the quality of the most important asset of a business which is human resource. It helps them to engage in quality training. 

They also get access to additional units of dynamics in the market. They become convergent with what is happening in the industry. At this point of time, they are able to contribute all these skills to the industry at the end. 


This is the best utilisation of Technology which can be possible only because of digital transformation. It has become an important Concept for generating a quality output over a period of time. This is exactly what the market and the industries require presently. 

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