April 18, 2024

How to Make Free Time Better for Your House: Top 4 Ways

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To take apart the farthest corners of the apartment, to put things in order in cabinets according to the rules of ergonomics, to find new ideas for decorating and to implement them. When you have free time, you want to spend it doing something useful at home. Also, Mountain View apartments for rent come with a variety of features. Here is a list of useful things to do at home that you usually don’t have time for.

Organize Your Space

Organizing your space is not just a matter of taste. Modern science helps to overcome clutter and create a comfortable, ergonomic and aesthetic living space, where you will feel great not only while playing at the casino PlayAmo but also while working. Like any subject, it takes time to learn. Take a few free hours, and you will learn how to beautifully store towels (in rolls in a basket), T-shirts (vertical stacks in a dresser), cosmetics (in transparent organizers), cereals (in containers), and master several ways to roll up sheets and down jackets.

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Here are some space organization principles that can easily be applied: 

  • Keep open surfaces empty. This will help avoid visual noise. Kitchen countertops, bathroom mirror shelf, coffee table, desk: leave only the essentials available. 
  • In a place where small items often accumulate, such as on the hallway dresser or on the kitchen window sill, put a basket or organizer. Localize the storage of small items, and the space will immediately become neat and organized. 
  • Remove labels or rearrange products into identical containers. This technique will help create visual uniformity on bathroom and kitchen shelves. For example, bulk products can be stored in clear containers and hair care products can be transferred to the same bottles.
  • Shelves and drawers that are at a convenient height for you – the most valuable storage places. That’s where you should put everything you use most often. 
  • Self-adhesive hooks, overhead bins, and pull-outs can help keep your under-sink cabinet in order. 
  • Use vertical storage in kitchen drawers and dressers. This method allows you to store things in a single layer, provides a visual view of the contents, and makes it easy to pick up and put things back where they belong.
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Engage in Home Gardening

Green plants can do much more than just decorate a windowsill: they zone space, fill in empty wall areas, create accents and help maintain a connection with nature. The latter is especially important for city dwellers.

Think through the steps for landscaping your apartment: read a few articles, choose a variety of flowers, order beautiful planters, take care of the sprouts. Taking care of plants is a meditative activity to which it is pleasant to devote time every day and enjoy the results.

DIY for the Home

Decorating your home with your own hands is one of the interior trends. DIY décor creates coziness and adds personality to your apartment. When you have free time, try to make something for your home. Start with something simple, like making a hotplate out of jute. For this, you will need 1 cm wide jute rope, scissors and a hot glue gun. Roll the rope in a spiral, creating a semblance of a flat plate, and fasten the layers with hot glue. The level is more complicated – weave a macrame-style hanging cachet or crochet a basket for small things. Here are some ideas for decorating with your own hands:

  • Update curtains with edging (for example, sew a decorative border with an ornament).
  • Hand-painted flower pots.
  • Make a stand for floor flowers on wheels.
  • Make a cork board for taking notes.
  • Hang Polaroid photos.
  • Print posters and decorate the wall with them.
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Local and Quick Changes

When you spend a lot of time at home, details that you’d like to change become obvious. For example, change the location of your desk, hang tulle on the balcony, add storage space in the bathroom, and buy an extra shoe shelf. Make a list of changes and improvements to gradually make the house even more comfortable. 

You can repaint the walls in the hallway. With modern paints, it can be done in one day, and the effect of novelty will last a long time. Consider decorating your home office, reading area, beauty corner, favorite place in the living room. Often a few touches are enough to update the interior: a new organizer, order on the bookcase, inspiring postcards in front of your eyes.

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