June 15, 2024

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Participate in UMANG

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How to participate in UMANG


UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) is an innovative mobile application launched by the Government of India to provide citizens with easy access to a wide range of government services and schemes. This all-in-one platform brings multiple government departments and services under one roof, making it convenient for users to avail themselves of various services. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of participating in UMANG and highlight the benefits it offers.

Download and Install the UMANG App

To participate in UMANG, start by downloading the UMANG app from the official app store of your mobile device. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Once downloaded, install the app on your smartphone.

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Register or Log In

Upon opening the UMANG app, you will be prompted to register or log in. If you are a new user, click on the “Register” option and follow the on-screen instructions to create your UMANG account. If you are an existing user, enter your credentials and log in to your account.

Set Up Your Profile

After logging in, you will be prompted to set up your profile. Provide the necessary details such as your name, mobile number, email address, and create a secure password. This information is crucial for accessing and availing various government services through UMANG.

Explore Services and Schemes

Once your profile is set up, you can explore the various services and schemes available on UMANG. The app offers a wide range of government services, including bill payments, income tax filing, passport services, PAN card application, utility bill payments, and more. Browse through the categories and select the service you want to avail.

Avail Services and Track Applications

After selecting a specific service, follow the on-screen instructions to avail yourself of the service. UMANG provides a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation. You can also track the status of your applications and requests within the app, ensuring transparency and convenience.

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Access Government Schemes

UMANG also provides access to various government schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, and more. You can explore these schemes, check eligibility criteria, and apply for them through the app.

Benefits of Participating in UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance)

  • All-in-One Platform UMANG brings multiple government services and schemes under one platform, eliminating the need to install and navigate through multiple individual apps. It provides a centralized and user-friendly interface for easy access.
  • Convenience and Time-saving Participating in UMANG saves time and effort by providing a one-stop solution for accessing and availing various government services. Users can conveniently perform tasks such as bill payments, filing taxes, and accessing important documents from a single app.
  • Availability of Government Schemes UMANG allows users to explore and apply for various government schemes directly through the app. It provides detailed information on eligibility criteria, application processes, and tracking facilities, promoting inclusivity and awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UMANG available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, UMANG is available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can download and install the app from the respective app stores.

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Is UMANG a free mobile application?

Yes, UMANG is a free mobile application provided by the Government of India. Users can download the app and avail themselves of various services without any charges.

Can I access UMANG services without registering?

No, registration is mandatory to access and avail services through UMANG. You need to create an account and set up your profile to utilize the app’s features.

Are my personal details safe on UMANG?

UMANG takes privacy and security seriously. The app follows stringent security measures to safeguard user data and personal information. However, it is advisable to practice caution and not share sensitive information with unauthorized sources.


Participating in UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) provides users with a convenient and comprehensive platform to access various government services and schemes. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can easily participate in UMANG, set up your profile, explore services, and avail government schemes. UMANG revolutionizes the way citizens interact with government services, promoting digital empowerment and efficient governance.

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