May 18, 2024

Software for Electrical Contractor

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electrical contractor software

Your firm is unique, and Field complete for electrical contractors is designed to match your needs, no matter what form of electrical contracting you specialize in. Our job management software for electrical contractor is tailored to meet your specific demands.

Field complete Software offers electrical contractor software that allows you to concentrate on running your company instead of dealing with the administrative headaches that come with using other systems. With our construction software, all parts of your electrical contracting firm will be linked, resulting in increased production and efficiency.

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Capabilities for Electrical Contractors in Software

Management of services

The Field complete Scheduler makes it simple to stay on top of your scheduling process thanks to its many configuration options. Keep track of your technicians’ positions and assign work to the one closest by using GPS routing features included into the software. To guarantee that your specialists complete all components of the task and maximize client satisfaction, use service contract checklists.


Using our Field complete customer portal, you can provide your clients online access to work orders, invoicing, and service item history. Field complete allows your technicians to do more work in the field, saving time and money by eliminating the need for office visits. Work orders, equipment and customer histories, and even electronic signatures may all be accessed from their mobile devices!

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The Management of Equipment

You can monitor and optimize your equipment investments with Field complete Management. It manages all elements of equipment management and accounting, including billing rental charges to projects, monitoring real expenses and rental income for each piece of equipment, scheduling equipment by location, and charging inventory components or assemblies to equipment units. All equipment may be depreciated and reported on your financial statements.

Management of Available Items

Full-featured stock and material management inventory tracking system is Field complete inventory management system. In the inventory module, you may immediately invoice parts or supplies, while also executing parts markups and tracking sales.

All That Matters Is That You’re Protected

Every piece of information an employee might need is available to them, including safety standards and training, as well as real-time reporting.

The Use of Read and Sign Forms to Verify That Regulations Are Followed

Compliance in a matter of seconds: compliance is straightforward and fast. Examples of such papers include an employee handbook, uniform agreement, sexual harassment policy, and other similar agreements that can be quickly accessed and signed by all members of your team using a digital signature.

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Real-Time Transmission and Reception of Reports from the Field Is Possible

For example, a COVID-19 daily health declaration report or a repair or maintenance report from the field may be delivered in real time from the field to the office.

On-The-Go Communication That Is Simplified

When it comes to logistical and operational communication, engaging updates, and essential announcements, sophisticated communication capabilities such as chat groups, real-time push alerts, private chat, updates delivered straight to workers’ mobile phones, and an employee directory come in handy.
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