April 23, 2024

 A Comprehensive Guide on How to Exchange Products on Flipkart

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how to exchange product on flipkart


With the advent of e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, the process of shopping has become incredibly convenient. However, despite the best efforts of both sellers and platforms, there may be instances when a customer wants to exchange a product due to various reasons. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to exchange products on Flipkart, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Understanding Flipkart’s Exchange Policy

Before initiating the product exchange process, it is essential to familiarise yourself with Flipkart’s exchange policy. Flipkart offers an exchange policy for select products and categories, where customers can exchange their purchased items for a new one of the same or higher value. However, this policy is subject to certain terms and conditions, such as the product’s eligibility for exchange and the availability of the exchange offer on the specific item.

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Checking Product Eligibility

Once you have determined that your purchased product is eligible for exchange, visit the product page on the Flipkart website or app. Look for the exchange offer mentioned below the product details. If the offer is available, it means the product is eligible for exchange. Note that not all products on Flipkart are eligible for exchange, so it is crucial to check the eligibility before proceeding.

Initiating the Exchange Process

To initiate the exchange process, log in to your Flipkart account and go to the “My Orders” section. Find the order containing the product you wish to exchange and click on the “Return/Replace” button. Choose the reason for return as “Exchange” and provide additional details, such as the preferred size, colour, or model of the new product you want.

Scheduling the Pickup

After initiating the exchange process, you need to schedule a pickup for the product you wish to exchange. Flipkart offers a doorstep pickup service in most locations. Choose a convenient date and time for the pickup, and ensure that the product is packed securely in its original packaging, including all accessories, manuals, and tags.

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Verification and Product Handover

On the scheduled pickup day, a Flipkart representative will visit your address to verify the condition of the product and collect it. The representative will inspect the item for any damages or missing components. It is essential to ensure that the product is in the same condition as it was delivered, without any signs of misuse or damage.

Delivery of the New Product

Once the returned product passes the verification process, Flipkart will initiate the delivery of the new product. The delivery time may vary depending on your location and the availability of the new item. You can track the progress of the exchange and delivery through the Flipkart website or app.

Completing the Exchange Process

Upon receiving the new product, thoroughly check it to ensure it matches your preferences and requirements. If you encounter any issues or defects with the exchanged product, you can request further assistance from Flipkart’s customer support. In case you are satisfied with the new product, the exchange process is considered complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to exchange products on Flipkart?

Log into your Flipkart account, go to My Orders tab, click on Return, choose the reason as size fit issue and select the Exchange option.

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What is the difference between exchange and replacement in Flipkart?

Exchange: the order will be exchanged for an identical item of a different colour or size. Replace: The item you have ordered will be replaced with a new identical item in case it was damaged or defective or isn’t as described on the website.


Exchanging products on Flipkart can be a hassle-free experience if you follow the correct procedures. By understanding Flipkart’s exchange policy, checking product eligibility, initiating the exchange process, scheduling the pickup, and ensuring the condition of the returned product, you can smoothly exchange your purchased item for a new one. Flipkart’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their efficient exchange process aims to provide a seamless shopping experience for all users. So, the next time you need to exchange a product on Flipkart, use this comprehensive guide to navigate the process with ease.

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