May 20, 2024

How to Spend a Winter Vacation

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Winter Vacation

There are many ways to spend your winter vacation in a fun and rewarding way, and it is not necessary to go to the sunny coast or to the mountains. Rest in a familiar home environment can have much more advantages than a trip anywhere else. Tell us below what to do on vacation at home if you don’t have the money to travel. Source

What to do on vacation at home

Do things you have been putting off

Make a list of things to do and go through them in order. See your spirits soar every time you pick up a pen to cross things off.

Get some sleep

Haven’t you dreamed about it every time you had to get up for work early in the morning? The moment is now – sleep as much as you can. Prepare yourself a cozy sleeping place: a warm blanket, a soft pillow, put on your favorite pajamas, put a soothing scent near the bed and do not forget to get rid of external stimuli that can prevent you from falling asleep.

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Learn a new hobby

If you don’t have time to work, you can take up a new hobby. Think about what you are interested in or what you would like to learn. Learn to draw or learn how to cook a new dish. During the vacation you can even learn a new profession, especially since there are now many online courses on the Internet, and some sites offer free classes.

Take up sports

Skiing and snowboarding, gym, yoga and swimming. Usually we don’t have enough time or energy for sports after work, but on vacation we can get active. Choose an activity to your liking, we recommend paying attention to sports in the fresh air, to improve your health at the same time.

Challenge yourself

Do you like competition and experimentation? How about challenging yourself? Start standing the bar every day, increasing the time each time. Start your own blog and put up a new post every day. Read a book a day, or at least a certain number of pages. What’s the weakness?

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Do a general cleaning

Sort out all the things in their places, wash those corners of the apartment, which usually do not get their hands. Take apart your cosmetic bags: Look for products that are past their expiration date, for tubes that are dried up or that you haven’t used for a long time. Take apart your closet: Things you haven’t worn in a year are unlikely to be needed again. Give the good stuff to thrift stores or relatives, and take the old stuff to be recycled. Unnecessary books should be taken to the recycling center or to the shelves of bookcrossing.

Make repairs

Yes, it’s not easy, but very necessary. You can update the interior a bit, or at least rearrange the rooms.

Meet up with friends and family

Call up those friends you can’t meet, go to the movies or have a cup of coffee with them. Have a family dinner or make homemade dumplings with your family.

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Update your closet

Winter is usually a good time for discounts. Take a fresh look at your closet, what can you add to it and what can you take away?

Explore your hometown

Take a walk through the city and see it through a tourist’s eyes. There are places in the city that are worthy of a commemorative photograph. Take a guided tour of local museums, walk through the parks, visit all the places you have never set foot in before.

Take care of your health

Get tested, have a general checkup, go to the dentist and have your teeth cleaned, get some exercise or sign up for a massage.


Relax in nature, go to a bath or spa. Give yourself a day of relaxation.

Develop while sitting on the couch

You can watch movies and TV shows you haven’t had time for, read books, listen to podcasts.

Relax culturally

Go to the theater and museum for art exhibitions, most of the time they have vacations in the summer, and the season with premieres just begins in the fall.

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