July 11, 2024

This Is How Much Money You Can Make Playing Bingo

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Bingo is one of the most popular real-money gambling games in the US both at physical bingo halls and online. The luckiest bingo enthusiasts can win both small and incredibly big cash prizes. 

Here,we will also go over bingo-related information, including bingo halls and online casinos with bingo games. 

Different Bingo Cash Prizes

Bingo’s fascinating history goes back to the 1500s in Italy. However, this game’s popularity first exploded in the US during the early twentieth century.

Since then, different prizes have been offered to lucky winners, but money has always been the best one. Have a look at some cash prizes that you can win when you play bingo:

Bingo Halls

You might want to try your luck at a physical Bingo hall if there is one near you. The cash prizes that these venues offer can range anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars. Thousands of dollars are sometimes up for grabs in special circumstances. Cash prizes depend on the amount of money raked in and on local laws. Most bingo halls must put up at least 50% of their take as cash prizes but have a payout limit.

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Online Bingo

Online bingo is often preferable to physical bingo halls for various reasons. For one, they are more accessible and, for another, the cash prizes can be enormous. Depending on the bingo game, you can win pennies or a jackpot of millions of dollars. Plus, online casinos (where online bingo is offered) offer a wide variety of bingo games, not just one version.

How Much You Can Expect to Invest

Playing bingo for real-money prizes means that you will have to spend hard cash. Luckily, there are bingo options for players on every kind of gambling budget. 

At bingo halls, you have to pay anywhere from $1 to $10 per card. That is called a “buy-in” and covers roughly a dozen games. Should you choose to play more games after that, you must buy-in again. You may also have to pay for bingo markers. 

Your overall investment for a night of bingo could end up being anywhere from $1 to $100 or more.

When playing bingo at an online casino, how much you end up spending/investing in a game session is much harder to calculate. This depends on how much you are willing to put on the line. 

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You can choose to play anywhere from 1 to 100 cards in most online casino bingo games. While some players might only spend $10 per gaming session, others will spend hundreds or more. 

Bingo Winner Stories

Most people who play at bingo halls have a great time but seldom win big. A few lucky winners manage to win a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars. 

Online casino bingo games often feature jackpots which can be much more lucrative than at bingo halls. The biggest online casino bingo win went to John Orchard of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, UK. This lucky man managed to hit it big and walk away with a whopping $7.5 million.

Bingo Professionals

Poker professionals dedicate plenty of time and effort to every game. Some even make a living only out of playing poker. Because of this, you might wonder whether there are any bingo professionals out there. 

The short answer is no. However, there are plenty of people who just can’t get enough of this game and play as often as they can. 

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If you are new to bingo, you will most likely love it just as much, especially when you are lucky enough to yell “bingo!” 

Strategy and Tips to Win More Often 

There are games of chance where basic strategy can make a big difference such as blackjack. Bingo is a random game where luck is your best friend, meaning that no strategy can guarantee wins.

That being said, one big tip that many players employ at bingo halls is to buy-in with as many cards as possible. That, however, does not help when playing online since you are not playing against other players.  

Online Sites Where You Can Play Bingo

Not every online casino that you come across will have bingo games. To further complicate things, not all the ones that offer bingo are up to standards. Reviews can be read about the different bingo sites on OUSC:

  1. Las Atlantis Casino
  2. Wild Casino
  3. BetUS
  4. Super Slots 

Final Recommendation

Whether you choose to play bingo at a bingo hall or online, good times are waiting for you. Be sure to make the most out of your bingo experience.

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