May 18, 2024

A Step-By-Step Guide How to Change Servers in BGMI

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how to change server in bgmi


BGmi is a popular anime management tool that allows users to organize and download their favorite anime series. However, one common issue that users face is the need to change servers due to various reasons, such as slow download speeds or limited availability. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to change servers in BGmi, enabling users to optimize their anime watching experience.

Understanding Server Selection

Before diving into the process of changing servers in BGmi, it’s essential to understand the significance of server selection. BGmi relies on different servers to fetch anime metadata and download files. By changing servers, users can access a broader range of anime series and potentially improve their download speeds. The availability and performance of servers may vary, so it’s crucial to select a reliable server based on your geographic location and preferences.

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Accessing BGmi Configuration Files

To change servers in BGmi, you need to locate the configuration files on your system. These files contain crucial information about the BGmi setup and provide access to server settings. The configuration files can usually be found in the BGmi installation directory. Once you locate the directory, open the bgmi folder and look for the bgmi.json file. This file contains various settings, including the server configurations.

Modifying the Server Settings

To change the server in BGmi, open the bgmi.json file using a text editor. Within the file, you will find a section named “bangumi-data-source”, which lists the available servers. Each server entry contains information such as the server’s name, URL, and availability status. To switch to a different server, simply replace the existing server URL with the desired server’s URL. Save the changes to the bgmi.json file.

Finding Reliable Servers 

When changing servers in BGmi, it’s crucial to choose reliable sources that provide accurate anime metadata and offer good download speeds. The BGmi community often shares lists of recommended servers on forums and social media platforms. These lists can help you discover new servers and find ones that align with your preferences. Additionally, you can experiment with different servers to determine which ones work best for your location and requirements.

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Testing the New Server

After modifying the server settings in BGmi, it’s important to test whether the new server is functioning correctly. Launch BGmi and try searching for anime series or updating the library. If the new server is functioning as expected, you should be able to see the updated anime collection and experience improved download speeds. If any issues arise, double-check the server URL and ensure that it is correctly entered in the bgmi.json file.


How do you change servers in BGMI?

In order to change the server in BGMI, all players need to do is head over to the in-game lobby. From the lobby, players can see a ‘Select Mode’ option which is available right above the list of game modes to choose from. Now, here, players will come across ‘Matchmaking Settings’.

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Why is the BGMI server busy?

The ‘Server is busy’ error likely occurs when a player either tries to access BGMI from any other country except India, if the player tries to play the game on unsupported devices like emulators, or due to poor local network configuration.


Changing servers in BGmi is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your anime watching experience. By selecting reliable servers, you can access a wider range of anime series and potentially improve download speeds. Remember to keep an eye on the BGmi community for recommended server lists and explore different options to find the servers that best suit your needs. With these steps in mind, you’ll be able to optimize your BGmi setup and enjoy your favorite anime series seamlessly.

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